BIND9: Not answering to all dns-entries ...

Kamran Remin at
Wed Jan 8 15:44:17 UTC 2003

Hi NG,

i have a bind9 running on linux (debian/woody). i have now the problem that
my dns-server isn't answering to all the dns-entries that are in the

here i sone zone-file ( i marked on the right side, which entries do not
work, here, it is only one that is not answering):

$TTL 3h IN SOA (
                                        2003010601      ; serial
                                        3h      ; refresh nach 3 stunden
                                        1h      ; retry nach einer stunde
                                        1w      ; expire nach einer woche
                                        1h )    ; negative caching-ttl

;                        IN NS                        IN NS

localhost                       IN A            IN A
OK         IN A
no answer           IN A
OK           IN A
OK            IN A
OK            IN A
OK        IN A
OK         IN A
OK           IN A

;                        IN MX 1

i have a second zone-file, which looks exactly the same than this one, with
the difference, that you have to exchange "survey-pilot" with "surveypilot".
that is the only difference. in that zone, half of the entries can't be

i have looked over the zones again and again, but i can't see what should be
wrong? anybody got any hints?

Kamran Remin

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