Swamp Space: A Little Off Topic

Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Wed Jan 8 20:31:24 UTC 2003

 are you by any chance going to use replies received here to respond
 to young Joe Batista, who asked exactly the same question on another 
 list this morning?  Joe always has a private agenda and most folks
 who respond to him tend to regret it.

 in any case, the term arose during the tail end of the CIDR wg and
 its spillover into the ISP/ops arena.  In general, it refers to 
 legacy delegations (roughly pre 1998) in the historical "C" space.
 Various modern interpretations tend to treat the term as any
 legacy delegation, regardless of range.

 it has roughly the same legacy as "tier-x" in reference to ISPs.

 why do you care?

% This is probably really off topic, however, seeing that some of the
% smartest people on the planet live here, including those that have
% helped develop the standards, software, and documentation that run the
% net... Here it goes:
% What is the IP "Swamp Space"
% And
% Where did it get that name from?
% I did a google for "swamp space" and found lots of hits.  The problem is
% that I could not get a good grasp on it from the context in which it was
% used.
% Thanks in advance and sorry for the OTP.
% Dave...

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