Cannot open stat file, "named.stats".

Cricket Liu cricket at
Wed Jan 8 20:41:50 UTC 2003

James Kilton wrote:
> I'm trying to collect stats from a BIND 8.3.3 server and not having
> success.  The error "Cannot open stat file, "named.stats" appears in
> the logs.  Named is chrooted to /var/named, but even creating the file
> /var/named/var/run/named.stats and making it owned by named didn't
> help.
> Anyone know what the issue could be here?

Can named write to that directory?

If you'd rather not have a /var/named/var/run, you can always
redefine the path to the stats file with

options {
    stats-file "named.stats"; // leave it in the working directory


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