problem with my ISP not resolving the domain

Mark Damrose mdamrose at
Thu Jan 9 15:15:27 UTC 2003

"Nitendra Agrawal" <nca at> wrote in message
news:avjtnt$c65k$1 at
> Hello,
> Can anyone suggest about the problem i am getting,
> my problem is my ISP is not resolving some of my
> domains, is it the problem in their DNS Updates
> or something else is the problem.
> Thanks for any support.

How can we tell?  You didn't supply any information.

Name of domain?
Name or IP of master server?
Name(s) or IP of slave server(s)?
Name or IP of ISP server that can't see it.
What are they supposed to see, but can't?

> Nitin A

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