RedHat 8.0 / BIND 9.2.1 problem!

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Fri Jan 10 22:09:50 UTC 2003

Mark Damrose <mdamrose at> wrote:
> "Jakester" <tedwards28025 at> wrote in message
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>> I am running a BIND 9.2.1 server on RH 8.0.  RH 8.0 has a custom
>> configuration utility for it's DNS server that does not allow you to
>> edit and add options to named.conf, but rather you must add options to
>> named.custom.
> [snip]

> If you can, disable RH's config tool and edit named.conf.

-That- was polite !

The message is TURN OFF LINUXCONF !!!

It's bad, it sucks and , it dont work !

> If you can't, ask linux.redhat or alt.linux.redhat or alt.os.linux.redha=

>> HELP!

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