named taking up 100% resource on only 1 cpu on a multi cpu system

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Fri Jan 10 22:13:52 UTC 2003

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> Hi guys,

> Every now and then my DNS server would stop responding to DNS queries. E=
ither it stops completely or the replies would take a very long time. I'm =
running Bind 8.3.4 on an E3000 SUN server with 1.5 GB of memory and 4 CPUs=
. During the time that my server goes 'dead', CPU utilization is like 70% =
idle but upon checking further, I find that 1 CPU will constantly be 100% =
utilized while the 3 other CPUs would be idling more than 80% of the time.=
 Is there a way to make named take advantage of my multiple CPU system? If=
 there isn't, is there a way to run 3 instances of named and let each inst=
ance run dedicated on a separate CPU so that the system would be fully uti=
lized? Anybody got a clever solution for my problem? Any help is greatly a=
ppreciated. Thank you.....

1/ Someone invented line breaks. Did you hear about that ?

2/ bind-8 is, as you noticed, single threaded. Bind-9 is not.=20
   Time to install bind-9 has arrived.

> - Elias -

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