Multiple wildcard levels

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sat Jan 11 00:12:52 UTC 2003

Tom Maddox wrote:

> Kevin Darcy <kcd at> wrote:
> > Tom Maddox wrote:
> >> Hi, everyone,
> >>
> >> I've got a quick question with regard to wildcard host addressing.
> >> One of my users wants to have wildcard resolution for every machine
> >> on our network.  I know how to do this for a single host, e.g.,
> >> * will resolve, even if there's
> >> no such actual host, but is there a simple way to do that globally?
> > You'd have to put a wildcard entry at the apex of every zone, as well as
> > for every subdomain branch (e.g. if the zone has an A record
> > for, then you'd need both a *
> > and a * in addition to the apex * wildcard,
> > in order to catch everything under each branch level).
> Right, that much is clear.  My problem at this point is that I don't
> necessarily want to designate a host to catch *, but I do
> want all hosts in to catch *  If I can
> arrange it so that subdomain is not affected by that
> configuration, so much the better. would not affected by a * wildcard.

- Kevin

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