DNS for web load balancing?

Gawie Marais gawie at inx.co.za
Sat Jan 11 19:24:38 UTC 2003

Ramesh N wrote:
> Hi all,
> It is possible to use web traffic load balancing?
> is there some document which clearly explains how to go about doing the
> same?
> Any ideas will be deeply appreciated.
> Warm regards
> Ramesh N

# How do I make DNS rotate through the available addresses for a 
service, say www.busy.site to obtain a load balancing effect, or similar?

Make several A records for www.busy.site and use BIND 4.9.3 or later. 
Then BIND will round-robin the answers. It will not work with earlier 
versions of BIND.

read the FAQ at http://langfeldt.net/DNS-HOWTO/BIND-8/DNS-HOWTO-10.html

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