nameservers giving different results

Doug Barton DougB at
Tue Jan 14 06:41:15 UTC 2003

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003 Mark_Andrews at wrote:

> 	They still have the old NS records cached.  You should make
> 	the oldservers slaves of the new servers until the old NS
> 	records expire.  Either that or demand that the old servers
> 	cease serving  If they don't cease
> 	serving some caches will stay locked to the old servers so
> 	long as they have one query daily as the old servers will
> 	refresh the old NS RRset.

Do you have any references to this behavior? I keep trying to convince
people at work that this is happening to an old server that I want to shut
off, but so far the "leave it on till it doesn't get any traffic" people
are winning the argument.


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