ndc socket not created; 8.3.4

BIND Users BindUsers at cigital.com
Wed Jan 15 15:10:34 UTC 2003

> I've put together many a FreeBSD-STABLE server running BIND, chrooted, and
> without problems.  Recently however I built 8.3.4 out of ports and
> installed it, chrooted it and was in the process of adjusting the
> named.restart and named.reload scripts before I noticed that named wasn't
> creating an ndc socket in ${chroot}/var/run.  I tried adding a controls
> statement to named.conf to no avail.  I turned up logging and saw no
> errors.
> Any idea what might be causing this?  The documentation I followed was
> here:
> http://sysadmin.spinthread.com/FreeBSD/HOWTO-bind+chroot.html
> -Yanek.

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