all machines all subdomains to one ip

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Jan 15 17:20:45 UTC 2003

Sylviane wrote:

>In fact i'd like to mange multipe web shop in a domain for exemple :
>I m searching a solution, that wont force me to modify the config of the dns
>and restart it on each add of a shop ?
Well, if you put in a * wildcard, it would match any 
name that doesn't already exist in that part of the namespace. But it 
would even match invalid names like Do 
you mind that? Assuming this is for web, can you configure your 
webserver with a "default" home page, or a page that informs the user 
that the domain name is invalid?

Note that with rndc, you can reload a single zone instead of having to 
restart the whole nameserver. If you convert over to using Dynamic 
Update for your updates, you don't even have to explicitly reload the 
zone when you make a change to its contents...

                                                                - Kevin

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