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Wed Jan 15 18:03:34 UTC 2003

lumux <dave at> wrote:
> Hi All,

> Could anyone please answer the following for me:

> If a DNS server requests the record for a domain, but the primary server=
> unavailable and the record is retrieved from the secondary DNS server, h=
> log will the DNS server continue using secondary server over the primary=

> Any Help would be gratefully received

Nameservers will generally keep track of all nameservers for=20
a given domain, keeping statistics about response time.

The algorithm is such that all servers will be tried, but the
"best" one will be used most of the time. Eventually the dead one
will get a query, and any reachability change will update=20
reachability figures.

I think it's called "round trip time" evaluation.

> Thank You

> Lumux

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