NS2 not asking NS1

David Botham dns at botham.net
Thu Jan 16 14:18:51 UTC 2003

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> Subject: NS2 not asking NS1
> This is an internal net with two local domain masters
> (Bind 9.1.2) NS1 + NS2.  I just want resolv.conf of ea. server to
> point to its own 192 zone master and to my external DNS servers.
> NS1, just listens on\24 but NS2 listens there
> and on\16
> I have some CNAMES in defined in the NS1 192 zone,
> but not in the NS2 192 zone.
> Want to have the NS2 server query the NS1 server for
> that resolution, but it does not happen.  What should I
> check for in the respective named.conf's to do that???

If I understand you correctly, NS1 and NS2 host the same zone with
different information.  And, you want NS2 to consult NS1 for the
difference.  That will not work.  Once a name server loads a zone, it is
authoritative for that zone and will consult no other name servers for
information within that zone.  In other words, if a name server hosts a
zone it assumes that the zone is complete and no other information about
that zone exists anywhere else in the name space.  There is no way to
stop this behavior.


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