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Jeff Lasman jblists at
Thu Jan 16 18:45:10 UTC 2003

Joris Kemperman wrote:

> I'm new to bind, the only thing i know about it is that this is an
> unix/bsd/linux DNS server and i like some more information about it with a
> few simple installation and configuration instructions. I already searched
> the web for it but i can't really find not one page that is pretty clear
> about how DNS works exactly :(

Do I understand right, you're running an old version of Bind (version
4)?  If so, then I'd strongly suggest upgrading...

However, before you do that you'll have to learn at least the

I'd recommend a book:  "DNS and Bind", published by O'Reilly.  It's
cowritten by one of our contributors here, Cricket Liu.

I think you'll need to start by learning what DNS is all about, and as
you say, how it works.  And the "DNS and Bind" book is probably the best

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