stupid newbie reverse dns question

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Thu Jan 16 21:34:30 UTC 2003

prosthetic head <egarnel3470 at> wrote:

> I have a mail server on a different subnet than my master DNS server.
> Do I need to set up a DNS server for reverse lookups on the same
> subnet as the mail server, or can I add a reverse lookup zone on the
> master server in the 1st subnet?

> Running w2k DNS on master, Bind 9.x on 1st slave (seperate subnet) and
> would implement bind 9.x on the same subnet as the mail server if
> necessary). W2k server will be replaced with bind at some point.

> For some reason, I have an impression that dns servers need to be on
> that subnet for reverse lookups.

"reverse delegation" is exactly the same as "forward". Someone
closer to '.' delegated part of the spce to some ( provider ) , who
in it's turn delegates to a customer.=20

The chain of delegations from '.' downwards to the lowest NS must
be complete.

> Thanks

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