Active Directory Integrated DNS( dynamic update behavior )

Barry Finkel b19141 at
Fri Jan 17 16:26:11 UTC 2003

"Rahul Parasnis" <rparasnis at> replied to my posting:

>Reason is how PDC will be able to resolv other hostnames  ?

What do you have in the TCP/IP properties on the DC?  You should
point that machine to your BIND servers for DNS, as the BIND servers
have (or should have) all of the required information.


>Ofcourse other clients will be still pointing to Bind Nameserver , as there
>is no need to change the configuration for them.

Why should your W2k DNS Server be any different than the clients with
respect to nameserver configuration?  If your W2k DNS Server has only
the four "_" zones, then it would have to ask your BIND servers for
information about other zones.  So have the "_" zones slaved on your
BIND servers, and have the W2k DNS Server always query the BIND servers.


>Thanks for the tip on Slave servers . Means Bind Server will use TCP Packet
>when it exceeds the size of the UDP packet.
>Is this the only reason or one of the reasons of the use of TCp Packet .

Zone transfers will also use TCP, as a zone is too large to fit into a
512-byte UDP packet (in almost all cases).


>Are you running this setup at your end ?

I am running with my W2k DNS Server configured to use my BIND servers
for DNS resolutions.
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