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Sat Jan 18 09:18:53 UTC 2003

mr <mr at> wrote:

> hello all,

> we are migrating to w2k ad from nt4.  we are currently using bind
> 9.2.1 running our named services on unix.  i am a little scared to=20
> give the domain controllers update access to the main forwarding file=20
> of our zone  reading cricket liu's artical in linux magazine=20
> from march of 2001, he suggests to use _tcp,_udp,_sites,_msdcs zones for
> the domain controllers to update.  my question is ... are these not=20
> subzones, and if so, can subzones coexist on the same host that the=20
> primary named server for that zone also exists?

The "_tcp,_udp,_sites,_msdcs" zones are subdzones as you say.

And any combination of zones can exists in a single nameserver, there is
no restrictions here. Just make shure all delegations are correct.

Guessing about your site, you might keep the "top level" on your
existing bind9.2.1/unix, this will keep this topzone working under
all circomstances, then delegate the "_tcp,_udp,_sites,_msdcs" zones
to your ad-environment.

This will give you the besst of both worlds, a working and stable "top zon=
and a ms-compliant ad zone ( which may be dismantled the same day ad is
obsolete without anyone else missing it's contents)

> thanks for your help!!!

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