Q: double cname reference and resulting mx

Mark_Andrews at isc.org Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Sat Jan 18 21:42:49 UTC 2003

> the iteresting part of mark's answer is marked with "***".
> it's not about the re-writing or the "cnaming" of an mx.
> how many cname redirections to an A record having an mx associated with are
> allowed?
> i think unlimited.

	Unlimited at the protocol level.  Some implementations may have
	limits especially if they are using the nameserver to do the
	CNAME chasing in which case you run into the loop prevention
	code in the nameservers.

> where can i find a reference for this?
> i think i found it in section 3.6 / 5 of rfc 2821.
> (or better: a reference not talking about a limit.)
> am i right?
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