FreeBSD 4.7 and CHroot-jail bind 9

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Sun Jan 19 18:54:06 UTC 2003

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anonymous wrote:
> Hi people,
> I have found the "standard" document for chrooting Bind 9 on
> s1.1), but isn't there a more specific document about it??
> Still having some pboelsm with it to get it running.

Don't know of a more specific document.

Did you try getting it running without the "chroot" first? (you
can always add a "listen-on {; };" option whilst
testing so as not to expose the unchrooted version prematurely).

What does the log say?

The start-up script use of "daemon" for lauching daemons is
rather Redhat orientated (or does FreeBSD do the same?), but you
 basically add "-u named -t /home/named" (i.e. user and
directory to chroot as/to) to the existing start-up script as
options to "named".

The first time I tried this I got a working BIND 9 chrooted in
about 5 minutes, without reference to anything but the named
manual page, and the error messages from the log file. But I
started with a working "named" running as use "named", and so I
added the "-t" option, and had to shorten files named in
named.conf for the post chroot settings, and add a few options
and directories for places to dump data etc.

If this is your first BIND 9, definitely get it working, and
rndc, outside the jail first.
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