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Tue Jan 21 10:25:15 UTC 2003

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dimis wrote:
> Hi!!! My suse 7.1 linux server has wrong time. It goes 2 hours
+. Would i
> have a problem with dns server bind 8.2.4 if i change the time
with the
> right one?

The correct way to adjust time on *nix servers is to stop all
services, adjust time, and restart services.

Since DNS is made redundant by multiple servers for both
recursive clients, and authoritative servers, restarting BIND
should never cause a problem unless one of your other servers is
already down and you KNOW when that happens as you monitor RIGHT?!

If correctness of operation is important follow the procedure,
if it is a small box for personal use, where the worst that will
happen if you'll waste your own time, sure set the clock and see
if anything bad happens, never had anything serious bad on
desktop *nix boxes happen from a cavalier approach to time, but
there is always a first time!

NTP daemon will set the clock continuously in small adjustments
that should be safe, run it in future, and set time at boot
using ntp command for such.
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