no more TCP clients: quota reached

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Tue Jan 21 22:54:01 UTC 2003

> 	We have been running BIND 9.2.1 for many months with no
> problem at all when we suddenly started getting 
> messages in the log of the format shown in the subject line.
> 	Shortly after that, the named process died.  After
> restarting it, all is well again.  What quota was exceeded?  Bind
> was extremely busy at the time.  I think we have been running
> this version of bind since last June and this is the first time
> it has just died on its own.
> 	It is one good piece of software, but something went
> wrong today.

	If you hunt around in the logs you should see a INSIST
	failure from line 68 of quota.c.

	Upgrade to 9.2.2rc1.
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