How many public DNS servers are there on the web?

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Wed Jan 22 00:35:31 UTC 2003

> I've been trying to find out (with little success do far, how many
> public DNS servers are there on the web?
> Can someone please help?

	Every nameserver listed in the public DNS is a public server
	as it is offering data to the public.  If it doesn't allow
	public access it shouldn't be listed.  There are literally
	millions of these servers scattered around the world.

	On top of that there are servers that allow recursive
	services to the world.  Again there are millions of these
	but there is no formal list.  Note just because they allow
	it doen't mean they want random people using there servers.

	Your ISP should have resursive servers for you to use or
	you can setup your own recursive servers.  There should be
	no need to look other resursive servers.

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