DNS slave to pull multiple primaries

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Wed Jan 22 17:26:37 UTC 2003

Gary Smith wrote:

>We have a few front end DNS servers on our DMZ that pull the selected
>zones from an internal DNS server.  The zones they pull are dom1.com,
>dom2.com, dom3.com, etc.
>Because we have over 500 domains in our list we would like to just
>have the front end DNS server slave all of the domains housed by the
>backend dns server.  Is there a simple way of doing this?  I know that
>I can create a master named.conf file for all of the slave servers and
>just distribute but even then it is possible to get typos.
"Auto-slaving" is not a feature supported by BIND at this time. I have 
some experimental code to do this, but it is far from ready for prime-time.

Could you not have a script running on the back-end master server's 
named.conf to produce a "model" slave named.conf from the master's 
named.conf? Then you just need to propagate that named.conf  to the 
slaves whenever it changes (e.g. via scp or rsynch-over-ssh), send a 
"reconfig" and any necessary "reload {zone}" commands to the slaves via 
rndc, and you should be set.

                                                        - Kevin

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