How to query two forwarders, even if the first one gave a negative answer?

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Wed Jan 22 19:28:52 UTC 2003

H. Faber <hf at> wrote:

> Hi,

> my server is connected to the internet as well as to a company network. 
> The company network provides its own dns server that resolves local 
> names to their local ip addresses. My server is running bind9-9.1.3-252. 
> I put the companies dns server and the one from my ISP into the 
> forwarders option of the named.conf. Unfortunately bind does not query 
> the companies dns server after getting  a negative answer from the ISPs 
> dns server.

> Do I have to set up a separate zone for the companies network? Or is 
> there an option to tell bind to query all the servers available in the 
> forwarders variable?

> H. Faber

DNS is not desiged that way. If and answer is received it is considered accurate.

You better read up on "split-dns" scenarios including the possible usage 
of "views". In addition you should upgrade to bind-9.2.1 

An excerpt from "The Book" is available at 
it might containg usable stuff.  

Get the book, it's worth it !

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