Local DNS and outside DNS ...

Kamran Remin toxic.waste.inc at gmx.net
Fri Jan 24 10:25:19 UTC 2003

Hi NG,

i have bind running in our local LAN. And i have a dedicated server at a
provider which is running bind and apache. When i enter new hosts on the
bind at our provider, it takes some time for their secondary DNS to update.
So, the first question i have is about the serialnumber. If my last
serialnumber was 2003012202 (which would also be last from the secondary)
and if i update my zone-file today, then my new serial would be 2003012401,
right? Or would it be 2003012403? I'am asking this, because sometimes it
seems to me, that the secondary DNS of my provider isn't refreshing fast

A second question that i have, is: It should be possible to tell my local
DNS, that it's forwader is the one i ran at my provider, right? This should
have the benefit, that all clients on my local LAN should reach new entries
on my outside DNS as soon as i enter them on the outside DNS. But the new
hosts still don't answer. But this should work, or not?

Questions over question ...

Kamran Remin

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