nsupdate and views

Brian Johnson bjohnson at jecinc.on.ca
Fri Jan 24 15:39:48 UTC 2003

So to clarify, with 9.3 I can update two views from the same machine with nsupdate
if I configure each zone to be updatable with a different key and then run nsupdate
twice (once with each key)?  I suppose I could also ssh into an internal machine to
run nsupdate there to update the internal view

Before I go too far with this, is my entire concept flawed?  Is there a better way
to accomplish my goal (ie have an internal dns system for LAN use that is separate
from the external dns but have some dynamic addresses usable by both internal and
external clients)?

Mark.Andrews at isc.org wrote*:
>> I've got views working with named (an internal and external view)
>> I have an external machine using nsupdate to update it's dynamic ip address - t
>> he
>> problem is that I can only get it to update the external view and I'd like it t
>> o
>> also be available to the internal (LAN) clients
>> Does anyone have suggestions on how I could get this to work (maybe my concept
>> needs adjustment)
>	Update requests are subject to the same view matching criteria as
>	queries.  9.3 supports TSIG as matching criteria.
>	Mark

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