Help. my "dig" can't work for my zone.

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Fri Jan 24 17:14:54 UTC 2003

On 23 Jan 2003, yueweng wrote:

=>Any one knows what's wrong?  I have followed the dns-howto but thing
=>just can't get work out.  My machine IP is  I have
=>restart my named server.  Any help or comment is really appreciated.My
=>named.conf and file is as follows:
OK. First of all: Have you checked your logs, it would be informative!

=>zone "localhost" in {
		   By default the IN class is used, you may avoid using it 
=>        type master;
=>        file "";
=>$TTL 3D
=>@               IN SOA
			Here you have missing a dot! At the end of .com. (

=>                                200301244       ; serial (d. adams)
=>                                3600            ; refresh
=>                                2H              ; retry
=>                                1W              ; expiry
=>                                2D )            ; minimum
=>                   NS           yueweng         ; Inet Address of name
This entry is OK
=>       MX           10 mail         ; Primary Mail
HEre you have an error. Mail is a cname and it should be a real address.
=>localhost          A  
This one is not needed to be announced!

=>yueweng            A  
=>www                CNAME        yueweng
=>mail               CNAME        yueweng

I would bouild the zone file like this:
@	SOA (
			200301244       ; serial (d. adams)
			1h              ; refresh
                        15m             ; retry
                        1W              ; expiry
                        15m )           ; minimum
	NS     ; Inet NAME of name server
	MX      10 mail	                ; Primary Mail Exchanger
yueweng A
www     CNAME   yueweng
mail    A

Thus making the MX canonical is better than using a CNAME that shouldn't be 
used for mail exchangers.

But your problem might be caused for the lack of the dot after the 
administrator address at the SOA record. The zone is not being loaded.


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