Why is Bind 9 refusing these delegations?

Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 27 02:54:13 UTC 2003

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Mark_Andrews at isc.org wrote:
> 	Bind 9 will give *different* answers to recursive and
> 	non-recursive queries.  The non-recursive answer will come
> 	from its zone data.  The recursive answer will come from
> 	the server for b.a.
> 	The first question is "tell me the nameservers for b.a or
> 	how to find them".  The second question is "tell me the
> 	nameservers for b.a".
> 	If named serves any of the parents to b.a and not b.a, it
> 	will answer the first with a referal (how to find them).
> 	The second it will follow its referal and get the answer
> 	from the other server even if it disagrees with the referal
> 	(there are no NS records).
> 	BIND 8 didn't have the data structures to do this so you
> 	always got the answer from the zone data even if it disagreed
> 	with what the child zone said.

Is that the quick way of saying that "dig ns b.a" gives no name
server records because the zone file for "b.a" has no NS records
in it? ;-)
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