WWW in URL not required

Cricket Liu cricket at nxdomain.com
Mon Jan 27 20:24:52 UTC 2003

On Monday, January 27, 2003, at 12:55  PM, Tom Feldsten wrote:

> Wasn't sure about posting here, but think I'll try.
> Why is it that when a URL is typed into a browser, there is no need to 
> type
> the "www" that used to always have to precede the rest of the domain 
> name?
> My guess is that the authoritative DNS for that server will resolve an
> address without the www to the www.addresshere.com.

Right, because the zone data file for addresshere.com contains an
address record mapping the domain name addresshere.com to the
IP address of the web server:

addresshere.com.	IN	A


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