virt host

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Jan 27 23:17:25 UTC 2003

jd wrote:

> I am running bind9 on for a web server doing virt-hosting
>I would like to put in instead of
>in a browser and get to the correct virt hosts web-page. Insted
>i go to the primary hosts page if i dont add the www to the query.
>Using the "DNS Cookbook" as example (recipe 2.5) i added this to
>the zone file of
>	IN 	A
>but when i try just using in a browser 
>i still get the main hosts Is there
>a way to do what i want when using virt hosts? And if :) ?
That's really outside the scope of a BIND list. You should really be 
asking that of a list devoted to whatever webserver you're running 
(because different web servers have different ways of setting up virtual 

                                                    - Kevin

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