DNS Configure Problem

Barry Fawthrop barry at ttienterprises.org
Tue Jan 28 01:00:07 UTC 2003

Thanks Kevin
> Standard resolver algorithm. If the name you're trying to look up isn't
> found, the client resolver will tack on the default domain, or work
> through the search list. Trouble is, if you have a wildcard in one of
> those default or search domains, it'll match that and not go any
> further. That's what it looks like in your case. If you have no wildcard
> entry in domain2, then I have no idea what might be causing your problem.

Where does one set the default domain ?? what files and commands? because
why is domain2 the default and not domain1 ??
Standard resolver is that the named.conf and zonefile or is that the
/etc/resolv.conf file ??
As I said there is no wilcard or "*" in any of the zonefile, they are just
like given except the true domain name

Thanks again for all you help

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