Split DNS, BIN and W2K Help?

phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu
Tue Jan 28 06:59:09 UTC 2003

Scott O'Connell <scotto at sds.com> wrote:
> I've recently taken a once completely public network with Unix hosts and PC
> clients into a public/private configuration.  In addition, there are now
> some W2K servers running with Active Directory (not my area of expertise).

> I would like to have one overall primary nameserver with two interfaces
> running public and private DNS.  I'd like the ability for the W2K servers to
> dynamically update the private side, and all internal clients being able to
> resolve everything public and private.

> It seems like a reasonable configuration requirement but I've read some
> conflicting information about whether it can be done with a single machine.

> Can anyone point me towards a recent configuration document detailing steps
> to be taken?

> Thanks in advance

I doubt that you _want_ two interfaces in a nameserver, But you might 
want something called "split-dns".

There is a discussion and a few examples in "Managing DNS and BIND"

Read the book, think about what functions you need, then create your
DNS environment. 

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