Error 11001 getting hostname

Danny Mayer mayer at
Tue Jan 28 19:26:00 UTC 2003

At 07:55 AM 1/28/03, system at wrote:

>Hello All,
>My domain could not resolve my IP to the hostname. My DNS is working fine.
>All other websites could resolve to the hostname. I could not even ping to
>my website.
>What could be the problem? Can anyone pls help me? It's urgent.
>Thank you,

Nobody knows since you didn't provide any information. You have provided
no information about the name, the IP address, what application returned
an error. You don't discuss whether or not you have firewalls, whether or
not it's an internal site or external site, whether you tried from the inside
or outside. If it's really urgent then you would have provided some 
The only thing that I could tell from the subject line is that you got it from
a Windows application and the code is a Windows Socket error code and
means that the host is not known.

Sorry, but the mindreader is offline and the crystal ball is on the blink. I
do have a working paper-tape punch.


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