Strange problem when updating zone files

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Tue Jan 28 20:16:48 UTC 2003

Rasmus Haslund <spam at> wrote:
> Hi!

> Problem:

> I change something in zone file for ANY domain on my primary dns server
> (which handles the same domains as my secondary dns server).

> Primary ns:
> Secondary:

> Example:
> I add A record to zone file and update serial.
> Restart primary NS server. Nothing happens on (!!)... However
> I get the following in the primary dns log:

> Jan 23 23:09:20 linux named[7045]: lame server resolving '' (in
> ''?):

> Nothing happens at the secondary ns - it doesnt recieve the new updated zone
> file.

> Now if I restart the secondary dns server (not making ANY changes on either
> the primary and/or the secondary) I get the following:

> Primary dns log:
> Jan 23 23:13:00 linux named[7045]: client transfer of
> '': AXFR-style IXFR started

> Secondary dns log:
> Jan 23 23:12:37 firewall named[18872]: transfer of '' from
> end of transfer

> The primary ns has its own dedicated wan ip and port 53 fully open both
> tcp/udp.
> The secondary ns is behind NAT but has had both port 53 tcp AND udp natted
> in to it.

> Primary ns version: bind-9.2.1-9
> Secondary ns version: bind-9.2.1-1.7x.2

> What is going on? :-(

> Best Regards
> -Rasmus Haslund

Your nameserver has wrong NS records, the zone is delegated to         172800  IN      NS         172800  IN      NS      BACKUP-DNS.DK.

but  in your zonefile you say :         38400   IN      NS         38400   IN      NS

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