DNS Configure Problem

Will Yardley you at aredumb.com
Tue Jan 28 23:16:23 UTC 2003

In article <b16tkf$sct$1 at isrv4.isc.org>, Kevin Darcy wrote:
> Barry Fawthrop wrote:
>> Hi Kevin
>> /etc/resolv.conf

>> nameserver
>> nameserver
>> nameserver  24.73.2xx.xxx  <--  My IP Address
>> search  domain1    domain2
>> domain  domain2
>> I think ??? the line domain  domain2 is my problem I'm trying to take it out
>> is the search line correct and what does this do >???

> The "search" directive overrides the "domain" directive, and causes
> the resolver to try appending each of those domains in attempt to
> resolve the name.  Whether it's "correct" or not depends on what
> you're trying to accomplish.

I think domain is deprecated.

Also, in FreeBSD at least:

     The domain and search keywords are mutually exclusive.  If more
     than one instance of these keywords is present, the last instance
     will override.

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