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Joe Kattner joe at
Thu Jan 30 17:16:13 UTC 2003


You use both options:

file "/var/adm/" versions 4 size 5M;

That will rotate through to when
reaches the specified limit of 5MB.


Bind Users,

Am I interpreting the DNS and Bind correctly here ....

        "If you specify that there can be three versions, Bind 8 will keep around
file, file.0, file.1, and file.2. After the name server starts  or after it
is restarted by a HUP signal, it will move file.1 to file.2, file.0 to
file.1, file to file.0, and start a new copy of file.


        "If you specify a maximum file size, Bind 8 will stop writing to the file
after it reaches the specified file size. Unlike the versions   clause, the
file will not be rolled over    and a new file opened when the specified size
is reached. The name server just stops writing to       the file. If you do not
specify a file size, the file will grow indefinitely."

I read the previous points in such a way...  it's an either or situation. If
this is still true, my question is, why not have 5 versions of a file (like
a log rotation scheme)  AND limit the size of each rotated file before you
send it down the line. The implementation I am trying to create is a channel
of all categories to

and limit the size of each* file then discard the data after

Thanks for all of your help.

Ron Dutton
VitalQIP Support Engineer
TSS Network Operations Software
Lucent Technologies
choose options 8 & 2

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