Could not open website...

MegaNet DomainReg domainreg at
Thu Jan 30 18:52:33 UTC 2003

I would get some trace routes, from the people having problems accessing
your site.
See if they can ping the website by name or ip address.
Obviously if they can't ping or trace by name then its a dns issue

Also make sure the the customers dont have that site blocked on the isp's
border core routers.

maybe if you list your website on the list someone will be able to help you

Paul Amaral
MegaNet Communications

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> Hello All,
> Some of our customers in other counteries complain that they are
> not able to
> view our website in their country. But here in India I could see
> the website
> in my browser. Is this there local ISP DNS problem or could be something
> else? Can anyone please guide me.
> Thank you,
> Mitul...

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