cant send email to specific @domains...

Simon Waters Simon at
Fri Jan 31 17:01:03 UTC 2003

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Constantine J. Koulis wrote:
> I have a domain that the people that uses this domain and send
emails they
> told me that they have 3 other domains that sometimes the
emails come back.
> Any idea for what happening?

No - absolutely none - nor I suspect has anyone else.

What domain?

How are the e-mails coming back?

A bounce message?

Literally coming back?

If a bounce have you got a copy of the message, what is the
error given?

Is this a new problem? If so what changed.

Why a DNS newsgroup?

What mail server?

There are a couple of tests that are done involving DNS.

One is to check that the server reverse and forward look up
coincide - so what is the IP address of the mail server?

The other is sometime to insist the host name passed with HELO
is valid.

But there are a zillion other reasons why mail messages might
come back, most of them nothing to do with BIND!

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