Impact of having loghost defined in DNS...?

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Dec 1 01:24:55 UTC 2004

At 07:50 PM 11/30/2004, Kevin Darcy wrote:
> >The usual recommendation is to add a localhost record to the domain
> >so that the DNS will return the record faster, but it's not a requirement.
> >DNS lookups otherwise take a little longer.
> >
>I think you haven't understood the previous poster's point. Some OS'es
>(Solaris for sure) *intercept* the name "localhost" in the
>system-resolver routines and resolve it to the loopback address,
>*regardless* of what DNS resolves the name to and *regardless* of
>whether or in what order DNS is used as a resolution mechanism. On such
>boxes, it's totally pointless to define the name "localhost" in DNS,
>since it'll never get queried. For that matter, it's pointless to define
>it in /etc/hosts either. "loghost" is a different matter entirely.

Then you missed my point. The nameserver isn't the only system
that queries the DNS for localhost. There are plenty of systems
out there that don't have it defined and end up going to the DNS
for resolution. If you don't have it defined in the DNS it goes to
the root servers and we really shouldn't be letting the DNS do that.


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