Wrong IP Lookup

Norman Zhang norman.zhang at rd.arkonnetworks.com
Wed Dec 1 06:56:21 UTC 2004

Kevin Darcy wrote:
>>>Try the "sortlist" config statement.
>>Thanks Nicolas. I'm currently away from the box. I'll try to do 
>>something like the following. Will this do?
>>view "LAN1" {
>>  match-clients {; };
>>  sortlist {; };
>>  zone "hq.arkonnetworks.com" {
>>     type master;
>>     file "db.hq.arkonnetworks.com";
>>     allow-update {;; };
>> ...
> If sortlist works for you, why bother with the views?

I used sortlist in options and it worked. But now I have a more 
interesting situation. I've a VLAN ( which looks up DNS 
from Thus when it resolves a multihomed host, the IPs 
again returned in random fashion (sometimes first and 
somtimes first).

I'm wondering do I really need to use views now? If so, does my config 
above work? Please advise.

Norman Zhang

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