bind 9.3 not automatically zone transferring

Kerry Thompson kerry at
Wed Dec 1 19:12:05 UTC 2004

snort said:
> I'm having a problem recently with 3 of my name servers that if I make a
> change the zone file doesn't automatically propigate to the two
> secondaries. If I delete the zone on the 2ndary and restarted named it
> will pull it down no prob but otherwise
> it won't transfer down. Checked to make sure the serial numbers aren't
> being backpeddeled or anything. These servers are running fedora core 2
> and one is running freebsd 4.10.
> Any ideas?

Are you incrementing the serial number as you make changes?
Is the master logging messages that NOTIFY packets are being sent to the
Are there any firewalls between master and slaves blocking the NOTIFY
Are the slaves receiving these NOTIFY packets?
Are the slaves logging messages relating to zone transfers?


Kerry Thompson
IT Security Consultant

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