DDNS updating of ranges

James Baldwin jbaldwin at antinode.net
Wed Dec 1 21:52:26 UTC 2004

	We are in the process of setting up Bind to act as a RBL internally. 
As we have several hosts who will be updating the zones therein we will 
be running with dynamic dns. One of the issues we've come across, 
however, is how to efficiently update records for large CIDR ranges. We 
can do some trickery if the CIDR range falls on an octet boundary (at 
least I think we can), but we're having trouble coming up with an 
elegant fashion to add non round numbers (!= /8, /16, /24, /32).
	I looked through the nsupdate manpage and did not see anything that 
suggested range updates are available. Are there any dynamic dns update 
tools which allow actions similar to the $GENERATE directive and/or for 
removal of records created in that fashion? Is there anything else that 
might give a similar experience or am I left having to wrap nsupdate in 
something else and call it repeatedly?

James Baldwin

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