and bind8/9

Dirk Janssen dirk at
Fri Dec 3 10:09:10 UTC 2004


I encountered a problem on all our recursive caching-only nameservers
(and even others) running bind8.4.4/bind8.4.5 with resolving the host
mentioned above. When the cache is empty (after restart) then the host
can be resolved, but if you ask just for one time for the nameserver(s)
of (the domain to where the cname points) then you
get an answer of an unresolvable host (with a TTL of 1 Week). After
that, can't be resolved anymore and the query ends
up in a timemout (probably for 1 Week) what is really annoying because a
lot of websites using this ad-server are incredibly slow because of this
So far I think this is a problem of doubleclick (it would be nice if
somebody could also check and verify this). But what I've encountered is
that bind9.2.3 behaves in another way. What you get here is a SERVFAIL
and not a timeout and even this SERVFAIL comes just for a short time (it
seems to depend from how often you queried the ns of What's the reason for this different behaviour?
Is the timeout a bug of bind8? What would be the correct rfc-conform
Because of performance issues I really don't want to upgrade to bind9.



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