How do I get my dhcp address to change?

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Fri Dec 3 22:56:40 UTC 2004

> We are attached to the internet through a cable modem. It seems like
> someone germany keeps port scanning us. We'd like to try switching our
> ip adresss to something different to hide form whomever this is. We
> shut down our server for about half an hour, but our ISP kindly
> restored our original IP address. Is there a way that we can for our
> IP to change? Is there some sort of request we cxan send or trick we
> can do by temporarily turning off DHCP and sending an invalid request
> for a fixed IP?

	Firstly what does this have to do with comp.protocols.dns.bind?

	Secondly this is part and parcel of being on the Internet.
	Changing IP will not prevent you being scanned.

	It a big bad world out there where everyone with a computer
	is your neigbour and they can all rattle the door knob.  Make
	sure all the doors are locked that should be locked and move

	In otherwords make sure your system is secured.  Don't run
	applications you don't need.  Use firewall(s) (always on
	the machine and additionally a standalone box) to block
	unauthorised access.  There are many ways for a machine
	behind a standalone firewall to get compromised.  You need
	to protect yourself from unathorised access from other
	machines behind the standalone firewall (there are some
	network programs that only need to be reached from the
	machine itself).

	Keep the applications and OS you do use up to date.  Get
	on the announcement lists for the applications you do use
	so you are informed when there is a problem.

	Get on the local CERT's announcement list.

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