try to run named to no avail

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Mon Dec 6 23:33:21 UTC 2004

> Ive just recently setup BIND 9.3.0 on a Fedora 3 box.
> I went step by step through my manual,
> when i finished, i run 'named start' and i get a command directive
> about how to use named.
> i try 'named stop' and i recieve the same message
> named -v returns 9.3.0
> and running 'named' by itself basically returns me to the next line of
> my shell.
>  any ideas? im new to BIND.
> thanks again
	Named needs to be configured.

	Go to your library and borrow "DNS and BIND".  
	Read the administators reference manual (doc/arm).
	Read the man pages.
	Google for BIND+HOWTO

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