Automatically add slave zones to secondary dns ?

Jim Reid jim at
Wed Dec 8 17:30:26 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Curtis <ricurtis at> writes:

    Richard> Is it possible to add new slave zones to /etc/named.conf
    Richard> on the secondary servers ?

Yes, of course it is. [How else could they get there?] However that is
not the answer to the question you meant to ask.

    Richard> Is there any quicker way to do this ? especially
    Richard> automagically ?

There is currently no provisioning protocol for adding or removing
zones from a name server. Most people work around this by maintaining
the zone provisioning data in some sort of metafile or database. They
then have some scripts to go through that back-end to generate and
propagate named.conf files for their name servers. Some enterprise DNS
management solutions have proprietary solutions for this problem. These
might well be nothing more than scripts which generate name server
configurations from a back-end database.

Of course, these approaches are not much help when the slave servers
are under different administrative control. If you slave my zones,
there's no way you're going to let me change your name server's
configuration, is there?.

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