Cannot See the Web Site

John Jacks mibsun at
Thu Dec 9 14:48:59 UTC 2004

Hi ,
I still resolve the web site .Please can you advise .
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  Actually it resolves now. Must have had a dot or something in the wrong place my end.

  12/09/04 12:49:32 dig @ NS1.FASTHOST.COM
  Dig at NS1.FASTHOST.COM ( ...
  Non-authoritative answer
  Recursive queries supported by this server
   Query for type=255 class=1 NS (Nameserver) NS (Nameserver) NS (Nameserver) NS (Nameserver) A (Address) A (Address)
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    Subject: Cannot See the Web Site 

    Hi ,
    I am a domain name and a web site registered through .The web site is   . 
    The name servers are 
    Primary: NS1.FASTHOST.COM (
    Secondary: NS2.FASTHOST.COM ( 

    However I cannot see the web site . The name does not resolve .However If i query the name server i can see the web site address correct .

    Can anyone help .



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