AW: Problems with Zone transfers

list3 at list3 at
Fri Dec 10 09:52:08 UTC 2004

Quoting Fernando Costa de Almeida <falmeida at>:

> I also noticed something very strange...
> When I change some data in the master, and notifies are sent to the
> slaves, the transfer occurs without problems.

How many zones do you have?  I have noticed that the slaves will not properly
ask for the SOA and the "soa queries in progress" just goes to the max (the
number of domains).
But this only happens with around 40k domains or more (not quite sure when it
started).  And this also only happens when we restart the secondary name
servers with zone files in there (so we have to remove them all of the time).

So a suggestion I would have is to remove the zone files on the secondary and
restart.  This seems to fix the problems for us.


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