Automatically add slave zones to secondary dns ?

Jonathan de Boyne Pollard J.deBoynePollard at Tesco.NET
Fri Dec 10 04:42:55 UTC 2004

RC> Is it possible to add new slave zones to /etc/named.conf on the
RC> secondary servers ?


RC> Is there any quicker way to do this?

Do you mean aside from the obvious mechanisms such as FTP, "scp", and 

RC> especially automagically ?

Other DNS server softwares can do this sort of reconfiguration 
automagically.  (For examples:  PowerDNS can be configured to use 
"native replication", where the back end database mechanism replicates 
the data.  Each server automatically learns about all of the "zones" 
from the "domains" table, and the back end database handles replicating 
all updates made to the "domains" table to each server that the database 
administrator has specified.  Similarly, Microsoft's DNS server stores 
the names of all Active Directory integrated "zones" in the Active 
Directory database, which is automatically replicated to all domain 
controllers (in the replication scope).  Each DNS server running on a 
domain controller thus automatically learns about all Active Directory 
integrated "zones" by simply enumerating the database.)  ISC's BIND cannot.

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