Lookup on Local Domain Name Returns Nothing

Sten Carlsen ccc2716 at vip.cybercity.dk
Sun Dec 12 10:47:35 UTC 2004

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Two things:

1 - you do not have any RR for "mynet.mine.nu" in the zone file, so Bind 
returns the information you have given it. See below for proposal.

2 - You have made your own server authorative for "mynet.mine.nu", so it 
has no reason to forward this query to the dyndns server, which you 
expect it to do. You have told your own Bind that it has all existing 
information about this zone by setting this zone "master". If you ask 
from the outside you get ths:

silver:~>dig mynet.mine.nu

; <<>> DiG 8.3 <<>> mynet.mine.nu 

;; res options: init recurs defnam dnsrch

;; got answer:

;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 2

;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 5, ADDITIONAL: 4


;;      mynet.mine.nu, type = A, class = IN


mynet.mine.nu.          4H IN A


mine.nu.                1D IN NS        ns5.dyndns.org.

mine.nu.                1D IN NS        ns1.dyndns.org.

mine.nu.                1D IN NS        ns2.dyndns.org.

mine.nu.                1D IN NS        ns3.dyndns.org.

mine.nu.                1D IN NS        ns4.dyndns.org.


ns2.dyndns.org.         2D IN A

ns3.dyndns.org.         1D IN A

ns4.dyndns.org.         1D IN A

ns5.dyndns.org.         1D IN A

;; Total query time: 563 msec

;; FROM: silver.s-carlsen.dk to SERVER: default --

;; WHEN: Sun Dec 12 11:38:39 2004

;; MSG SIZE  sent: 31  rcvd: 211

What exactly do you want to achieve? You must have an inside look and an 
outside look and answer for yourself what address should I get for each 
of these hosts on the network. Once you have this list the picture may 
be clearer to you.

Richard Petty wrote:

>I'm running BIND9 on White Box Enterprise Linux 3 at my home. I'm using 
>dyndns.org for my Internet presence, behind a run-of-the-mill NAT-based 
>cable router.
>Until recently, I used a bogus private domain name ("something.bogus") 
>for my home LAN. I've decided to set up an email server and I changed 
>the private domain name of my LAN to match the dyndns-based domain name 
>that the outside world sees: "mynet.mine.nu"
>BIND9 is working fine, correctly returning information for sites on the 
>Internet and on my home LAN. If I do a "host slashdot.org" I get 
>"slashdot.org has address" and if I do a "host printer" I 
>get "printer.mynet.mine.nu has address".
>I have a couple dyndns subdomains pointed at me, so that "host 
>test.mine.nu" returns "test.mine.nu has address"... my 
>current ISP-assigned IP number.
>However, doing "host mynet.mine.nu" (the main name pointed at my home) 
>fails. No error is produced; it simply returns an empty line. This 
>happens whether the lookup command is executed on my LAN DNS server or 
>on any client on my LAN that uses my DNS server.

>File: 192.168.0
>$TTL 86400
>@       IN      SOA     kayak.mynet.mine.nu. admin.mynet.mine.nu.     (
>                                1997022720 ; serial
>                                28800 ; refresh
>                                14400 ; retry
>                                3600000 ; expire
>                                86400 ; ttl
>                                )
>        NS      kayak.mynet.mine.nu.
_*nn PTR mynet.mine.nu.*_

>1       PTR     router.mynet.mine.nu.
>2       PTR     lombard.mynet.mine.nu.
>5       PTR     kayak.mynet.mine.nu.
>6       PTR     g4.mynet.mine.nu.
>30      PTR     bridge.mynet.mine.nu.
>199     PTR     printer.mynet.mine.nu.
>File: mynet.mine.nu.zone
>$TTL 86400
>@       IN      SOA     kayak.mynet.mine.nu. admin.mynet.mine.nu.  (
>                                27 ; serial
>                                28800 ; refresh
>                                14400 ; retry
>                                3600000 ; expire
>                                86400 ; ttl
>                                )
>                NS      kayak.mynet.mine.nu. ;Inet Address of name server
_*@                                  A               192.168.0.nnn

>localhost       A
>router          A
>lombard         A
>kayak           A
>g4              A
>bridge          A
>printer         A

Best regards

Sten Carlsen

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